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TVP Application

We understand that the most significant challenge facing any operation will be defined inside a specific environment and we have built flexible tools with responsible expert that can address specific requirements and attribute needed. Plus, a wider, ongoing market sense for specific industry and technological challenges. We are confident in provide Solutions, Services and Advice to our clients, on technical application as well as to out-source operations.


Assist local enterprises in application of TVP Fund


TVP was launched in November 2016 to subsidise local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes. The programme is implemented on a pilot basis for an initial period of three years from November 2016 with HK$500 million from the Innovation and Technology Fund.

TVP supports projects in the form of technological services and solutions which could improve productivity, or upgrade or transform the business processes of the applicant enterprise. Applicant enterprises are welcome to propose other technological services and solutions which could achieve the objectives of TVP. We shall consider the merits of such applications on a case-by-case basis. For funding support under TVP, prior approval must be obtained before project commencement. The project deliverables should be used in a way that would have direct impact on the applicant enterprise’s business operation in Hong Kong.



Presently FINGERBOX provides solutions to small and medium size companies with varied industry background. However, we do have client which are the leader of the industry.