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Cloud Solution

We understand that the most significant challenge facing any operation will be defined inside a specific environment and we have built flexible tools with responsible expert that can address specific requirements and attribute needed. Plus, a wider, ongoing market sense for specific industry and technological challenges. We are confident in provide Solutions, Services and Advice to our clients, on technical application as well as to out-source operations.

Cloud Solution:

  • Cloud Backup Solution
  • Cloud Based Apps and Solution Development
  • Cloud Based Hosting and Email Solution
  • Block Chain / Workflow Solution
  • Cloud Based PABX
  • Cloud Based solution Monitoring


Our Professional Services provide:

  • Self Owned IDC for data privacy
  • Management and monitoring security thread related to the client applications or IT infrastructure ;
  • Knowledge, expertise, and best practices to design, implement and maintain the client application ;
  • Profressional Call Center Service ;
  • Private SMS Service ;
  • MRL-QA, Pharmacovigilance, US